Education of children according to the Word of God

It is a complex, difficult, profound subject. We understand better the relationships we, as parents, must have with our children, when we understand what kind of relationship the Lord, our Father, has with us, his children.

Blue Ridge, C7F FCPOA partner with PLA(N) during visit to Zhanziang Special Education School

It is He, our Father, who does our education, and He gives us, to our parents, the means to do this education as He did with us, His children.
When the relationship in the couple is good, when the parents walk both according to the Spirit of the Lord, in love, wisdom, and no longer under the law of carnal reactions, the education of the children is much easier as noted in
I’m not saying it’s easy, I say it’s easier!
We are all born in sin. Sin is rebellion in relation to God and His Word.

There is in human nature, from birth, a root of rebellion that can be seen very quickly in the character and behavior of children. They always learn faster to say no than yes.
Say no, it’s natural. To say yes, you need education and correction.
It is not a guarantee that all will immediately turn to the Lord and walk in the spirit, but this is at least the guarantee that they will benefit in the home of the best possible spiritual atmosphere. It is when the parents get along well, when they have a good relationship with the Lord and between them, that both are really giving an example,

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